If you had something that could change lives would you keep it to yourself? Or would you share it with the world without delay? In the knowledge of your mortality would you wait until tomorrow, when you know that you may not see tomorrow and your idea may die with you?

You have ideas; we all do, all day, every day – what if the ideas you don’t record or share have enormous value?

Do you journal your thoughts? Record your ideas? Might you be letting world changing, life changing potential drift into forgetfulness?

For links and associations to be made the more people willing to unselfishly share their hopes, visions, aspirations and dreams, the better.

Duplication is irrelevant because not only might you stumble on something new, your ideas may be someone else’s link in another chain.

The world, the planet, the people need your ideas because your brainpower has infinite potential and capacity.

Journal, write, sketch, type, doodle, draw, mindmap! get it down and the dots can be joined.

Birth your genius to the world; no idea is ever too small, too impossible or too insignificant.

The power of thought, the power of ideas; it only takes a second to start a spark of positive planet changing progress.

It takes just a few seconds to have a handful of thoughts that can change the world.

The consequences of not sharing your ideas are unthinkable. Quantity births quality – imagine you did not share an idea that had tremendous value!

Mozart, one of my favourite composers, died at only 35 (1756-91) leaving over 600 pieces of music. Imagine for a moment he had not shared them. Imagine what else he could have shared if he had lived longer.

Here is a quote from Wayne Dyer:

“Don’t die with your music still in you”

What is your music?

Your ideas – the “you” within that no one else can access.

Ideas shared are ideas aired.

Are you sharing yours?

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