Mind Maps work well when utilising elements of 3D or by creating overlapping illustrations that give a sense of depth. 3D can be tricky to get right without a bit of practice, yet overlap is simplicity itself.

Building what looks at first glance to be a complex illustration is really easy using the overlap technique.

Take a look at this overlap illustration and you will notice that it is made up of easy to draw shapes, lines and curves placed to suggest that one is behind the other.

I coloured the L plate to demonstrate how easy it would be to add sporadic touches of colour to further develop the illustration. Essentially this illustration is little more than one sheet of paper repeated many times. As far as Mind Maps are concerned all you would need is a minute section of this illustration so the task is a very straight-forward one.

You are very welcome to re-use this illustration if you leave the copyright and website details on it.

To show how the illustration could have a splash of colour and how once a large illustration has been drawn smaller sections can be used elsewhere here is a small section of the main illustration:

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