A few predictions for 2510.

Five hundred years from now the concept of work will be a distant historical phenomenon.

Pictures of coal covered miners will look like images from the 1800’s.

Burning yourself out will be unheard of.

Productivity will soar.

Motivation will be the norm.

Work will merge with life – no work/life balance just life; still working yet with an entirely new outlook.

People will follow their passion and live to exist, to enjoy life, be thankful for life, enjoy the planet and everything it offers.

People will follow their interests and talents and develop the skills they are good at and love to share.

It will be unheard of for humans to work in areas they dislike. They will each pull to their strengths.

Life expectancy will be well over 100.

Health will be the new wealth.

People will be happy; content; beaming – here to serve because serving serves – giving gets.

People will be happy to help.

People will enjoy the moment – simply pleased to “be”.

Ego will be greatly watered down or out of our DNA.

“Something” will have replaced money or at the very least money will take an entirely new role; have a different meaning.

Worries will be far less.

Getting stoned to be “happy” won’t be necessary – no need to zone out of a perfect zone.

Humans will be “whole goal” orientated.

The planet will come first – the entire global community will work towards maintaining the planet and treat it as valuable as the oxygen we breathe because it is!

World problems won’t exist – starvation and poverty and all the things we believe impossible to fix will have been addressed. We have all the answers already; we just haven’t linked them together yet.

The World will be at peace.

What might the World do then?

What could the World be after these events?

Where to next?

Are these crazy dreams or visions of what might be?

How else might the future unfold?

Could you help design it?

Could you write “future history” books – write them now and create the future?

You can – will you?

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