This Mind Map and the tips below will help you to become the master of your own thinking.

Whatever you focus on expands.

If you have repetitive negative thoughts, you may like to try a simple technique of noticing your thoughts as they come and filing them in imaginary in-trays labelled negative and positive.

Perhaps even imagine the negative in-tray as bottomless; you can file negative thoughts and let go instantly – the thoughts disappear through the tray and drift off into the distant universe. Your positive thoughts can be stored, revisited and built upon.

Awareness of your thinking gives you the power to make positive change both within and without.

By noticing your thoughts you will be able to develop the ability to take charge of your own thinking and moods.

The process doesn’t require too much hard work or effort; go easy on yourself and simply try raising your awareness of your thinking

If you are aware that negative or repetitive thoughts have arisen you can more quickly discard them – the awareness also lessens the impact of any negativity by helping to prevent a spiral of even more erroneous thoughts gathering.

Picture your thoughts as clouds – the darker ones being negative and trying to gather together to create a storm. Your positive thoughts are lighter, fluffy and harmless.

Welcome the positive and sift carefully yet gently.

You could write your negative thoughts down.

Perhaps keep a thought journal or Mind Map and review which thoughts keep cropping up and devise a plan for replacing them with more empowering and positive thinking.

Being aware of your thoughts helps you make wiser choices.

The Negative/Positive Filing Mind Map looks at ways to take charge of your thinking; become aware of your thoughts and focus so that you can take action to harness beneficial, positive and productive thinking.

Because the mind likes to think and we apparently have about 60,000 thoughts every day, the process is an ongoing game of thought tennis!

Imagine the potential of reducing your thoughts by 10% saving you 6,000 thoughts!

Now imagine the possibility of a 50% reduction – encouraging greater clarity and peace and allowing new thinking and ideas to come to you.

The mind loves to think and knowing this you can begin to detach and observe your thoughts so that they aren’t trying to drag you away to areas you don’t wish to think about.

If you visualise sorting your thoughts into two imaginary trays labelled “Negative” and “Positive” you can begin to see that you have control over your thinking and can make choices on what you read, think or action.

With more awareness, you can ask yourself questions such as:

Is what I am thinking productive and useful?

Is what I am reading negative or affecting me in a negative way?

Is what I am watching contributing to my happiness?

Are my actions this very moment helping or hindering my inner peace?

There are of course hundreds more questions you can devise to keep a check on yourself and to become more aware of what is happening inside.

Your thoughts make your world – and in addition to your thinking you can take the process a stage further by filing and dealing with physical items in your life that prompt thoughts that you do not wish to have.

This goes for TV, film, DVD’s, Books, Magazines, Music, Websites, Blogs etc – anything that is causing you anguish; it is up to you to avoid. Take responsibility for what you let in.

Objects that trigger negative thoughts can either be put away out of view or discarded. The De-Clutter Mind Map expands on cleansing your inner and outer environment.

I created a FREE 85 Page “Stop Thinking” E-Book which explores taking charge of your thinking and includes ways to reduce erroneous thoughts plus meditation and relaxation techniques and also enhancing creativity and idea generation.

If you wish to challenge yourself you could try the 52 Things to Drop for a week Mind Map

Just as with habits, replacing bad ones with good ones, you can choose productive, empowering and positive thoughts over negative ones.

When you have a negative thought ask yourself: “What caused me to have this thought?” Trace the thought to help you combat repetitive thinking. Replace the thought to focus on more positive areas and then take action wherever possible to eradicate what caused the negativity.

You might try writing out triggers and perhaps even shredding them!

Or, if you keep a journal or mind map as suggested earlier you could perhaps make it into a checklist and tick off areas that you have transcended as you go – this allows more focus on areas that are left and require greater attention to overcome.

The bottom line here is responsibility – taking charge of the thoughts that you are thinking and why you are thinking them.

Take action on any paperwork, objects and habitual behaviours, realise what is sparking any negativity and recycle or reframe thoughts to more positive scenarios and possibilities.

Change takes time and is an ongoing process – be patient with yourself.

Take it one step at a time; become more aware of what causes you to feel negative and decide to do something positive about it.

Remember; whatever thoughts you have are just thoughts.

Even if you start reducing small areas, over a period of time you should start to see benefits and gradually you can become the master of your own thinking.

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