This mind map explores and recommends one of the best wood-engravers of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Arthur Eric Rowton Gill was born in Brighton in 1882 and died in 1940. He illustrated books, was a stone mason and typographer creating lettering for companies such as Golden Cockerel Press and Monotype Corporation. In addition to lettering and illustrations he created decorative borders, book-plates, ephemera, greeting cards and portraits.

Eric Gill used fine line work often with intricate detail. He made excellent use of light and dark and depth and perspective in his illustrations. The characters he drew were often gangly and he was deeply inspired by nature, creating many floral designs and leaf based patterns.

Eric Gill’s illustrations show exquisite line work, delicate, sensitive and accurate. He created striking compositions through the use of overlap, depth and perspective and clever use of space and he occasionally used silhouette to great effect. Many of his designs suggest movement and action; snapshots of scenes and life in motion. His flowing designs ranged from bold and expressive through to fine and intricate.

Sculptor, engraver, typographer, writer, artist, illustrator, Eric Gill was a master of his craft. I recommend the following book should you wish to explore the fascinating style of Eric Gill: “The Engraved Work of Eric Gill” (1963) ISBN 0112902715

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