We know the planet, being round, can hide things out of sight temporarily.

We know mirrors can cause incredible distortions.

Imagine billions of them reflecting.

We know the power of illusion on our mind and eye of a single cube even when drawn on paper.

Imagine billions of them overlapping.

We know light can reflect to create the illusion of invisibility; a temporary blinding effect.

Imagine billions of them beaming.

We know shapes can twist and turn out of sight yet still exist.

Imagine billions of them.

Imagine all of these things and more happening simultaneously; mirrors reflecting light, cubes distorting and shapes twisting and overlapping.

What if the entire universe is billions of circles revolving in and out of view like cogs all turning at different times and creating billions of illusions? Ever-changing illusions viewed from different standpoints.

What if all these conditions and perhaps many more were to combine to create one big illusion we call the universe?

Now imagine billions of them!

Suddenly our “problems” seem quite small 🙂

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