This mind map highlights a wonderful quote from the book “Head First” by mind map inventor Tony Buzan (ISBN 0722540469)

The quote cuts straight to the heart of the principles of creativity and also serves as a perfect example of summarizing text into keywords within a mind map. When I read the explanation I felt compelled to express it within a mind map.

Here is the quote in text:

“Creativity, by its very nature, implies getting away from the norm. The statistical concept of the norm, the average, gives rise to our concept of ‘normal’. Normal is that to which your brain has become accustomed; that which gives you no surprises; that which remains the same; that which no longer shocks, startles, surprises or provokes you; that which does not stretch your imagination. To create means virtually the opposite: to bring into existence something new; to give rise to; to establish an association that has never been established before” Tony Buzan (in the book “Head First”)

Using imagination to move away from the norm is great fun and it unearths original trains of thought – something accessible to everyone. I highly recommend reading “Head First”, the book is full of fascinating gems to help develop and further your thinking potential and creative expression.

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