The secret to dropping the past is simply realization. You have already moved on, even if you don’t realize it. Once you recognise it, it becomes a “knowing”; the realization slips into place that yesterday won’t happen again. This is something you can experience every day – watching yesterday’s vanish.

One by one your life passes; day by day you move on. After the realization comes the recall – simply remembering that yesterday is no longer here, on a daily basis. Twenty four hours evaporating in the click of your fingers with only thoughts and memories capable of dragging you backwards.

The past is the diving board you dive off of – once you drop there is no way to get back on the diving board. You can repeat the process of course, yet that dive is over – like yesterday, there is no going back; today is new water.

Just like your birthdays, they come once and leave you; the days, months, years behind you have all left you. What has been has gone. Five words can remind you of the vanishing yesterday’s:

“This is a new day”

Do you really want to live your life in a cycle of rewind and replay? Say goodbye to the vanishing yesterday’s – this is a new day. You’ve left the diving board, you’ve left your old birthday’s, you’ve left yesterday and all the other vanishing yesterday’s; you’ve moved on – you simply need to “know” it.

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