Viewed from above each of us must look like tiny dots on a giant landscape all milling around on different journeys; an interactive map of the planet, with moving parts called “life”.

Watching from above would be quite intriguing – what makes each little bundle of skin and bones, each life being, choose which direction to go in? So many directions exist; some might potentially appear as opposites.

Only when you pull back, or zoom out, can you begin to see real alternatives; new ways of thinking and possibilities that might not be so obvious at ground level. If you swapped the tea-boy and CEO for a week in an organisation and asked them what they could “see” you would probably get two very interesting new perspectives!

Life is similar to a global map of possibilities; like arriving at an airport without knowing which plane to catch or what direction to fly in.

One of the beauties of mindmapping is that it can allow you to consider an aerial photograph view, in the same way that if you enter a maze on foot the way isn’t as clear as viewing from above.

Taking a wrong route in life could be likened to getting on the wrong plane, only instead of wasting a few hours, you could waste years. Are the years really wasted though if you gain valuable life experience? If you got on the wrong plane you might just discover a whole new experience you never knew existed ripe with fresh opportunities.

Compared to others my sense of direction when travelling is pretty poor yet even I have a general feeling of which direction “feels” right. What use is a map if you don’t know where you are? You can have thousands of thoughts, thousands of choices and thousands of directions. When driving, if I arrive at a junction, think I should turn left and feel I should turn right, I’d choose right. If I didn’t know which direction to take, I’d go with what I felt.
Think and feel are two options I haven’t paid enough attention to in the past. From now on I am going to focus far more on what I “feel”.

I encourage you to explore the two. See which you prefer – think or feel.

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