Eight branches stem from a central image of a man carrying an unidentified box up a staircase made of books. (Don’t try making one at home!) He is smiling – is he happy or does he wear a devious grin?

Branch one shows ivy reaching into the distance – what might it symbolise?

Branch two is circled by a chain – in safety or confinement – what else might the chain signify?

Branch three sports a happy/sad emblem – theatrical or real?

Branch four holds a goldfish in a bowl – a pet or a representational image?

Branch five shows boxes, one contains eyes – what is it? Why is it there? What else is in the boxes?

Branch six has a net hanging like a hammock full of thought bubbles – what might they represent? Are they thoughts or something else?

Branch seven has a snake reeling and coiling around it – fake or real? What might it mean?

Branch eight is speared by a magic wand – only is it really magic – there is a label attached – what could that mean?

There are 13 links in the chain and 13 books forming the stairs – is it significant? What other connections can you see?

Your mystery mind map challenge. Can you devise a real or fictional mind map from this central image and the intriguing branches? What might your theme be? What might you call your mind map? What 8 starter keywords would you add to the branches? Can you rise to the challenge using your imagination and creativity? Can you complete the mystery mind map challenge?

If you are a mind map trainer or classroom teacher feel free to use this mind map as a study challenge exercise.

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