Animals are more in touch with the planet than humans.

Animals know how to have fun – real fun – fun in the moment and then let go. Like the lamb who jumps for joy or the kitten who chases a ball; fun and then a new fresh, exciting, vibrant moment. Animals are present, alert and totally connected with the planet via the present moment.

Animals know how to relax; they accept and surrender to the present moment. They just hang and chill like a dog waiting patiently for its owner.

The present moment is forever new to animals – they embrace life; they love life and take each moment as it comes, whatever it may bring. They are so alert they don’t have or need a concept of the present moment, they just operate in it. Whatever they do they commit 100% focus to it.

Animals sense peace and non-peace; danger and safety – they embrace stillness and silence and are acutely aware of their surroundings at all times.

Animals celebrate living on the planet, moment by moment; a beautiful lesson for humans.

Embracing and celebrating life, in touch with the planet, enjoying the present moment; what a gift animals bring us – leading by example.

When you see them, please thank them 🙂

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