The spider has infinite patience.

He builds his web. He waits.

The outer world of wind and objects tears his web, often destroys it.

The spider patiently rebuilds his web and he waits.

His web catches debris. He cleans his web, patches it up and waits.

The spider waits. He builds and waits, builds and waits.

Incoming danger signals evacuation. The spider moves quickly.

The spider relocates, builds again and patiently waits.

Weather threatens and the spider moves again.

Builds again – waits again. Builds again – waits again.

The spider has infinite patience.

Imagine the spider gave up? Stopped building, stopped moving, stopped waiting. Imagine the spider ran out of patience or motivation!

No need.

The spider has infinite patience and constant motivation. He never quits.

The spider builds. The spider waits. The spider doesn’t give in and that is how he wins.

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 by Angel Blue

the world would be a better place if we were all as patient as a spider could be