Here is a mind map with a difference.

I find the combination of words and images works wonderfully when creating mind maps; sometimes the words spark new ideas, sometimes the images do. Occasionally however, it is nice to explore in line and patterns only. Simple lines and curves can express depth and dimension. Design does not have to specifically represent known objects or images; your artistic flow can still evolve as you create your mind map.

All of us are artists with varying degrees of ability. All of us can make lines and curves. Instead of trying to be original, try being you and the originality follows because we each have different tastes and influences. How can you do this? Simple! Create your mind map without reference – just you and the mind map. Allow the words and lines to flow from within.

Drawing can be extremely relaxing and therapeutic which also helps stimulate your thoughts and uncover ideas. Creating without a fixed goal can be very exciting and help your freedom of expression to flourish.

If you start in the middle and simply allow lines and curves to develop as you explore your subject you can tap your creativity and create original mind maps; each one unique.

You might like to create a mind map, explore the words and branches then add decoration. Leave plenty of space because as you begin adding design new words and associations will come and you can expand the written element of the mind map. You could use pencil first yet in this instance I prefer to use ink from the start.

Practice and experimentation are needed to develop your own style so have patience and go for it! Create a mind map with a difference.

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