If I had a voluntary policy I’d have a “Change the World Activity”.

If every business, firm, office, manufacturer, or company offered one of their products annually the collective volume would be of world changing and life changing proportions. The product donated could be a single unit or multiple units annually. The contribution could be normal stock or clearance stock.

Companies could pledge one or more items off of their annual production line and deliver it to a central collection point for cataloguing and then used for specific good causes or international disasters.

Think of starvation, poverty or international crisis as examples and imagine the transformation of an influx of combined products.

In the same way that each drop of water has great significance in vast oceans, each contribution when pulled together collectively could change lives and change the world.

Naturally, change the world activities don’t need to be products – there are hundreds of other ways to pool talents and resources for positive change. If you have a hobby such as knitting for example, might you knit clothes, scarves or hats and more for those without any?

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