When you open and read the content of a book you own, the content remains the same each time. It would be quite magical if the words were different on every read, yet they are not.

Imagine you are a book, your inner content always the same. It’s not of course; your inner content is largely flexible unless you are reading the same pages every time.

Within your inner content you have pages and pages of notes comprising your learning, memory, experiences and more. You also have an infinite blank journal. Your inner source of reference includes a record of such things as your judgments, opinions and beliefs – a place of comparison, of how you engage with both yourself and the world. You might call it the book within – your lifetimes work, constantly amended and updated, some of it similar, some unique.

In your book within, you have entries in pencil and in ink, yet all of it can be changed by you, if you wish, at any time. The inner entries are changed via learning and unlearning, a constant shaping of your story – the story of you; both within and without.

You have the ability and capacity to contain all genres and you can hold all roles – you are author, editor, agent, publisher, seller, marketer and more. You amass a lifetime of learning and have the potential to leave a legacy of meaning.

You are writing the book of your life, every day; constant chapters, editions, volumes, possibly even in different languages. You have sole responsibility for an infinity of choices, an ever-changing landscape of successes and failures. You can entertain fictions, collect and collate facts, create in text or visualise and illustrate in vivid detail. You can read and re-read, practice new habits and drop old habits; all of what you design within and what you present without comes about through choice and focus. You choose what to add or subtract and you choose what to focus on; what to read and what to re-read. You choose what to present. You choose how your inner content meets with the outer world.

You are writing the book of your life; you are that magical book which can be different on every read – all day, every day, and the beauty of it is, you always have those infinite blank pages.

You can always write another chapter whenever you like.

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