To say “I cannot forgive” really means “I don’t want to forgive”: the “I” points to the realisation that the forgiving has nothing to do with other people or events. It might be forgiving others or forgiving yourself by moving on from your past and living in the present moment. Either way forgiveness is something you do for your benefit. If you are living your present by referencing an unhappy past you are manufacturing an unhappy present.

We are all human; with imperfections and we all make mistakes. In the knowledge of our own imperfections, it is unfair to expect ourselves or others to be perfect. What if we could forgive in advance? Imagine being in credit, as if you have forgiveness tokens and a never-ending supply of them!

Expect errors; expect imperfections, fluctuations and temporary imbalances and you’ll be ready and able to forgive. You’ll be ready to forgive before an event that calls on you to forgive. Instant forgiveness, through advanced awareness; by recognising that you won’t get everything right and neither will others.

Forgive forward.

Can you afford the “Forgive forward” tokens? Yes, they are free; give it a try 🙂

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