This mind map and blog post reflect on a visit to St. James’s Park, London, where squirrels ate nuts from my hand. With thanks to my brother for capturing the moment on camera.

Whilst sitting on a park bench, a squirrel jumped up onto my lap and I fed it hazelnuts, walnuts and brazils.

The fearless power of a fight-less fight; its claws pin sharp and yet also gentle. Lightning fast reactions; slow eyes, fast gaze, in harmony among nature and at peace, at one, with man.

The squirrel connected, both fearless and friendly, led by food, led by survival, yet keen to share a partnership; a moment of unity. Light, nimble, agile; a miniature fur warrior conquering all terrains. Mutually beneficial coexistence; a physical and mental demonstration of leadership and shared freedom, within a few feet – a snapshot of a vast planet.

Moments like this live forever in memory. Silent, speechless connections and understandings – the glue that gels the fabric of personal and global existence. The meaning of life – life in action; a sharing of souls.

I was touched by the squirrel and the feeling was deeper than any words could convey – the very reason that the nature of the contact was silent. The connection within and without. The squirrel will never read this and neither does it need to, for it knows. That knowing, beyond words, is the bond of life, the dream within a dream. Life happening in the moment.

Although the squirrel will never read this, I thank it for sharing that moment with me.

10 tips for connecting with nature:

Be thoughtless
Be silent
Be fearless
Be gentle
Be light
Be slow
Be patient
Be welcoming
Be present
Share the moment

Share the moment; rich, deep, lively, harmonious, at peace, at one both within and without.

Practising this connection with animals is simple because they don’t speak. It also carries through to human relationships – developing unconditional acceptance for others and simply sharing moments of existence whether speaking or silent.

That’s peace – as demonstrated by the squirrels 🙂

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