Here is a Colouring Doodleboard.

I have left it Black and White to allow colouring practise either by hand or computer

There is a Recycling theme here, along the lines of the De-Clutter Mind Map

Teaching kids about recycling is a great way to encourage them to care for the environment and to develop a lifelong habit of sustainability. Here are some tips on how to get started:

Make it fun: Kids love hands-on activities, so find fun ways to teach them about recycling. For example, you can start a recycling scavenger hunt or make a game out of sorting recyclables from trash.

Use visual aids: Visual aids, such as posters or videos, can help kids understand the importance of recycling and how it works. You can also visit a recycling center or take a tour of a landfill to see the effects of waste first hand.

Encourage participation: Encourage kids to get involved in recycling by setting up a recycling bin in their room or letting them help with household recycling efforts. This can help them to feel a sense of ownership and pride in their role in protecting the environment.

Lead by example: Children learn by example, so make sure you’re practicing what you preach. Demonstrate good recycling habits by recycling at home and in public, and talk about why it’s important.

Talk about the benefits: Explain to kids how recycling benefits the environment, such as conserving natural resources, reducing waste, and saving energy. You can also talk about the positive impact that recycling can have on wildlife and their own community.

Make it a lifelong habit: Encourage kids to adopt recycling as a lifelong habit by reminding them of its benefits and encouraging them to continue the practice into adulthood.

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