Dreams can be strange. They are only thoughts, yet they sometimes seem very real. This is not a Mind Map of a dream it is simply my attempt at stepping outside of dreaming. It turned out quite colourful if a little odd!

As with most ideas, there are a million and one ways to look at this subject.

You could try Mind Mapping a dream when you wake up in the morning…



Dreaming, a world of make-believe,
A place where anything’s possible to conceive.
A journey through the mind, to far-off lands,
With every step, new wonders at hand.

A dream is where the heart takes flight,
And fears and worries take a back seat for the night.
Where the impossible becomes reality,
And the world is yours for you to see.

Dreams are a canvas for the imagination,
A place where thoughts and ideas take formation.
Where creativity knows no bounds,
And the mind’s full potential is found.

In dreams, we can be whoever we choose,
And conquer the challenges we refuse.
It’s a world without limitations, where anything goes,
And the only limits are those we impose.

So dream big, let your mind roam,
And experience all that’s waiting to be known.
For dreaming is a journey that’s yours to take,
And the possibilities are yours to make.

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