Aside from being sucked in to unconscious impulse buys, most of what we buy we know whether we feel it worthwhile, even if occasionally we might justify a purchase that we don’t really need.

Have you ever considered the cost of thoughts?

Not the cost of turning a wrong thought into a wrong action – specifically the thought itself.

Here is a question to ponder:

“If I could buy this thought would I bother?”

Would you, having identified the thought, leave it on the shelf or purchase it?

Is the thought worthwhile, positive, helpful, empowering or an out of date, discontinued model past its best? Is the thought worthy of your time and attention? Is the thought past its expiry date?

Imagine your thoughts slowly passing before you on a conveyor belt like suitcases at the airport journeying by. Who is the one reaching out, making selections? Who lets them pass on without attaching to them, or stopping the conveyor? Who replenishes the stock?

What thoughts appear on your conveyor?

Who put them there? Why?

What is the value of each thought?

Who sorts the thoughts and tries to create order or disorder?

Do you really wish to reach out and grab that thought off of the conveyor?

That’s a lot of questions, yet I hope it helps you see that observing your thinking helps enormously in making conscious and empowering choices.

If you wish to recall one question from those above try this one as a takeaway experiment:

“If I could buy this thought would I bother?”

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