If you can quiet your mind, slow down your breathing, relax your body and succumb to stillness, nature picks up your vibes and relaxes too. Birds recognise when you have not erected barriers, in thoughts or feelings; when you have entered the present moment in total peace. They will visit, they will stay, they will feed and they will come unconditionally – visit and leave, visit and leave, with no attachment or judgment about you, all the time you remain at peace.

They don’t have to come, in fact they may not, yet if you offer zero resistance, the chances are they will visit and with no barriers they will come as close as they wish. Nature, animals, birds, know of peace and birds are the simplest example of the interconnection of vibes – the sharing of peace in the moment. Peace you create through non-resistance to the present moment.

Simply place bread in the garden, sit in a chair and wait. As you relax, the birds will arrive, maybe not instantly, maybe not at all at first, yet when they come, you pose no threat – and they know it. They will feed up close, right next to you.

The birds, if you are still enough, quiet enough, sufficiently at peace in the moment, will treat you the same as the trees, plants, flowers, bushes, garden chairs and garden gnomes and ornaments. Stillness, silence, peace offer no threats – you and the birds and all of nature will interconnect effortlessly.

Nature picks up your vibes – this is your chance to share and observe peace in action, surrender in the moment. No thrills, no tricks, no magic, just pure peace. No “special” circumstances, or need of analysis either; the moment is unconditional, a beautiful, loving and rich experience – the basics of life and the planet. The basics beneath and beyond the “need” of thoughts and feelings.

Nature picks up your vibes – unconditional acceptance and harmony; a miracle in the moment, born from within and without, via joint creation and sharing.

Nature picks up your vibes – are you offering peace?

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