The easiest way to enjoy daily chores is to introduce a fun element. Change the way you view the chore, so that you can’t wait until you do it next time. Looking forward to a chore – is that really possible? Can I really enjoy doing the washing up every day? Yes! It depends how you view the chore.

Chores represent perfect opportunities for exercising present moment awareness, thought reduction and relaxation. Total focus on the chore with 100% effortless concentration; relaxing into what you are doing rather than resisting the moment. Resistance to the chore is primarily thought based – once you surrender to the moment you can explore the fun side of what you are doing.

By heightening the senses instantly you become aware of the sights, smells and sounds. In the moment, fully engaged on the task, the chore is simply something you are doing rather than something you are opposing. Instead of allowing your mind to drift off into the past or future, totally concentrate on the chore alone – there is plenty of time to think later on.

How can the washing up be more fun? How could it not!

You can use all of your senses; explore textures and temperatures, different materials, shapes and sizes. You can marvel at the design and patterns, methods of manufacture, consider the history, who invented the implement. What alternatives might we use? Is the design easy to clean or has it got flaws? Thousands of journeys from a single bowl full!

Then there’s the bubbles – when was the last time you had fun with bubbles? Sounds bring an entire repertoire to the moment. From water sounds, to tapping cups and mugs, dishes and even the washing up bowl itself. Experiment with filling cups with different amounts of water to vary pitch and tone. Tap trays, pots and pans, squeak by rubbing your fingers over plates and objects and even the sink top. Become a musician and play music on the utensils and accessories; compose new tunes, test the musical knowledge of others by having them guess the song.

How about a league – timed events, number of items, speed of washing up and marks for accuracy of cleaning and no breakages! Set a timer and see how long the so called chore really takes. What might you have done in the same amount of time? What could you combine in the same amount of time? Could you listen to an audio book or CD or learn a new language whilst washing up? You might play music or listen to a comedy CD, perhaps dance, jig, sing, rattle and tap along as you wash the dishes.

You could combine the chore with an exercise regime; run or walk on the spot, try steps or twists or pump your arm muscles as you lift the items out of the bowl.

Washing the dishes is a daily chore; it really doesn’t take that long and is a necessary part of living.

It has to be done – can you make it more fun?

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