Adam Sicinski (IQ Matrix) has released his amazing MasterMind Matrix at

If Mind Maps are the Swiss-Army knife for the brain, the MasterMind Matrix is Google Earth for the brain!

It is like viewing a Blueprint or Workshop manual for the human condition. (No surgery required)

The MasterMind Matrix is available in a number of formats including a whopping A0 size laminated wall poster! Huge!

I think the Matrix is a great description if you imagine a picture of the workings of your brain as a maze; which is how many of us function; a series of dead ends, frustrations and wrong turns. Now imagine the maze has been transformed with convenient doors and signs, user-friendly directions and tips for navigation and you have some idea of the scale and importance of the MasterMind Matrix.

As I looked around the Matrix, I could picture a sign saying You are here

Looking at the Matrix, it doesnt take long to identify where your life experience is at any given moment and what to do about it. That is not to say there is a strict or single path; everyone has their own path and wishes, yet there are many interlocking patterns and it is a bit like a pin-ball machine nudging you on to the next positive progression. A progression of your making with help and guidance. It is not a set of rules; it is a Map of possibilities.

What would I like to see added?

Id like to see a film or 3D version of it travelling through the Matrix like a 3D Documentary. That would be great!

Ive read hundreds of self-improvement books and sampled many different points of view and ideas along the way.

If I had a plan outlining all the various suggestions and guidance that encompassed everything I had learnt, and I must stress, learnt through direct experience, involving a lot of deep soul-searching and contemplation, it would look like the MasterMind Matrix.

The MasterMind Matrix truly is the bigger picture and I highly recommend paying a visit to Adams Blog Post to learn more.

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